ARM64 and Docker Discourse

Is it possible to deploy Discourse Docker to a VM with an ARM64 CPU or does it require x86_64?


ARM is going to be a world of pain cause I am pretty sure that you are going to hit issues compiling V8 and are going to enter a completely unsupported world.


Yeah kinda figured it’d have issues. Looking at VM hosts for a forum I’m working on moving over to Discourse. Scaleway’s prices are so nice (they have x86_64 as well which prices aren’t bad, but ARM prices are unbelievably low) and they have good performance too.

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I’m on Scaleway and have had a great experience, really like them.

It would be fun getting things working on ARM, but never tried it!

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Interestingly enough Microsoft Edge is moving to Chromium’s codebase. They’re working on patches to make sure everything works on ARM. Likewise, v8 and stuff will be patched and eventually docker and stuff will hopefully work. It’s certainly an unsupported setup for the foreseeable future but still nice to see :smiley:


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