Asking to see how user found out my website

Hello. I just started a new website a week ago and i try to search my website using google dork and i saw it with 2 topics. And then suddenly there was a guy who create an account on my website. Im curious now how he found out my website because its not that popular and no topics that is catchy (2topics only).

I wondered if there is a way to know what users topic visitef. Im really curious how he found out my website. based on my findings he is from arab country and im from SE asia. My website uses english lang. Thankyou!

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Hook up Google Analytics and you’ll be able to get more granular info about user journeys.

If you don’t already have it hooked up, why not just ask the guy? :slight_smile:


I forgot that there is analytics for website. Thankyou for answering even its just a small issue :grin::grin::grin:


While I have not done this myself, if your site has a domain name and the domain name leads directly to the forum then when the domain name was registered it became known. No need to Google or anything else. If you were using the predecessor to the Internet then you would have seen things like www, browsers, TCP/IP, DNS, reverse proxies, etc. sprout from ideas. Before automated ways were created you had to know how to do certain things manually, like enter HTML by hand.

Now if you used a particular word in your domain name like forum, discourse, community, etc. and people are checking for added domain names with an app or something then it would have appeared. Remember that DNS stands for Domain Name Service and it is a hierarchy of servers that provide a service. You should start by checking out nslookup.



They both use the same ip which is weird and using same amazon network. I never connected my site to amazon affliates or what so ever.

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So many people are wondering how to attract new users, yet you have the opposite problem: Why the hell do new users show up !? :wink: (just kidding)

The 2 accounts may be the same person (or automated program), thus the identical IP.
The “Amazon” part is probably because the connection comes from a VPS on Amazon AWS. It may still be a physical person accessing through it. So you or your site have nothing to do with it.


It is a little odd that the two users would begin with “Helen_”. That does sound like the same person. The 5 hour span between the two account creations doesn’t seem like an automated program though. But, meh, you never know.

I also noticed neither user read any posts or viewed any topics. It looks like they created an account and hightailed it outta there.


The guy knows it’s going to be a good forum going forward. He expects it’s going to be so good, he directly created 2 accounts :wink:

Maybe a guy creating accounts for future spamming (doing it manually). Hard to know for now, indeed.