Can someone tell me how these pageview statistics are even happening?

I haven’t even shown the site to anyone yet, but I have statistics like these:


Is there a way to make it give actual realistic/true numbers?

These usually are true numbers but it’s a bit hard to offer support without more context.

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One of the images you posted here has the forum url in its name, so it’s possible it’s already been picked up by crawlers. The url is also in some of the early post edits.

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Also, just because you didn’t tell anyone about doesn’t mean it’s not discoverable.

For instance if you search for your domain in certificate transparency logs you’ll find the hostname of the site in question.


The context being I just recently even made the website & haven’t told anyone about it, yet have 1k+ views on it.

But how would anyone even know the hostname? Site and domain name were just recently made.

All public information and easily discoverable.

I am sure there are people out there scanning recently created domains for new certs and common hostnames.


What is the title of that diagram?

More specifically?

It’s the pageviews graph from the dashboard.

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So most of these views are from logged in users.

How many users do you already have? Could this be active moderators? Did you yourself click on 1212 pages on March 25?

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My partner and myself and a test account. That’s it. That’s why I don’t understand how it’s so off.

Does it actually count each refresh/page view from the same person more than once instead of one per IP address? If so, ouch. I’ve been working on the site 10 days now, 18hrs/day, so I definitely would’ve had a lot of views on it single-handedly, but I doubt over 1k…

Yes, these are pageviews; not unique pageviews. So every* refresh and visit is indeed counted.

1200 views, divided by 18 hours… is about one page view per minute. It’s certainly feasible.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it for now, keep building :hugs: