`assigns public` displays inaccessible link to non-staff users

Hello. I have noticed that the “Assigned to” button brings an error when clicking on it as a normal user (not staff member). Does anyone know why this is able to be clicked on?
Example: .Ban appeal Of SlenderGaming200 - Ban Appeals - Dark Gaming
Reproduction steps:

  1. Enter topic linked.
  2. Clicked on the “assigned to Big Russ” button, or whoever is assigned to the topic currently.
  3. The following error shows up:
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I’ve just given this a run-through on my test site and I can replicate this. :+1:

  • Enable Assign plugin
  • Toggle on assigns public
  • Create a topic and post a reply
  • Assign reply to an eligible user
  • As TL1 user, click on ‘Assigned to [USER]’

  • Link goes to an Access Denied page (/u/JammyDodger/activity/assigned) as the assigns are public but the assign activity is not.