Attachments broken as of recent update - replicated on try

Hi all - had a puzzling thing happen today.

A member emailed in a post with a 2.8mb PDF attached. I was able to see the post, edit it for formatting, and also download the attachment myself and read it. A few hours later, a colleague tried to download it and it didn’t work anymore! She then uploaded the same file again. Both links did not work and led to a discourse “The page you requested doesn’t exist or is private.” message.

Nothing in the error logs. v1.3.0.beta9 +118

I know discourse works some magic to ensure files are not duplicated on the server, and I suspect something went wrong with a background process somewhere. But I don’t know where to look.

And I’m disconcerted.

Anyone have ideas?

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OK - this is a bug related to a recent update. I am able to replicate on try:

  1. log in, upload .txt file
  2. click on text file and get error message
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Thanks. Having a look.


Ok, sorry about that. It’s now fixed :pig: