Links to uploaded files in topic details are wrong (

I’ve just noticed that at the links to uploaded files in the topic details are wrong.

Steps to reproduce:

The link in the topic details is:

The actual working link (as seen in the post) is:


These look OK to me now.

Nope, they are still wrong:

aha, OK, I see… I edited the post on the staging site. Will be fixed the next time try deploys. Feel free to flag this if still an issue.

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This is still an issue.

Almost the same bug: I get the same exact URL (to an uploaded file in this case) in single post and in topic details, but only the single post link works. Clicking the topic details link gives me:

The page you requested doesn’t exist or is private.

Here’s the weird part though:

  1. select failed download URL in browser location bar
  2. hit return key
  3. file download starts
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Maybe this is something you could assist with @techAPJ?

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This is the same error with clicking a link to /raw/ - Ember tries to route to it, finds no route, gives 404 page even though the server would reply if you asked it.

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Fixed :ant: