Attempt to attach Glimmer fails with error

I’m working on a PR to the Poll plugin.

I’m attempting to render a Glimmer Component as a widget tree leaf as I’ve done several times before, but getting this strange error I’ve not seen before:

TypeError: this.parentMountWidgetComponent is undefined

firing on this line:

It seems that this.widget?._findView() || this._emberView

is undefined.

(this.widget exists)

My very early stage code is here:

Is it legal to use RenderGlimmer in this context?

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This relies on an ancestor having this property?


which comes back undefined.

Or itself having an _emberView (which it doesn’t)

I’m guessing the ancestor should have had it set here:

OK a bit more info.

When the Poll is rendered (as a tree of widgets), this line is executed, but when you transitiion back to vote, it is not, thus for some reason there is no ancestor with an “_emberView” (Or it is not being found)

The source of this problem might be that the widget is never re-rendered:

rerenderWidget() {

Is not fired again despite adding a new tree of widgets … so this property is never set.

… thus the solution to this might be scheduling a re-render when the Vote button is hit …

  toggleResults() {
    this.state.showResults = !this.state.showResults;

… no this doesn’t solve it.

More info:

  _findAncestorWithProperty(property) {
    let widget = this;
    while (widget) {
      const value = widget[property];
      if (value) {
        return widget;
      widget = widget.parentWidget;

This is searching up the tree for the property.

On the initial view this appears at the post-stream level.

But somehow the widgets appear to be losing their ancestry …

OK so I’ve dug a little further:

This is the hierarchy the widget traversal occurs up:

discourse-poll-option-dropdown-245da0f65a66dbd539bcd27e501d759a [widget.js:250:14](webpack://discourse/widgets/widget.js)

discourse-poll-option-245da0f65a66dbd539bcd27e501d759a [widget.js:250:14](webpack://discourse/widgets/widget.js)

poll-container-poll-1247 [widget.js:250:14](webpack://discourse/widgets/widget.js)


Now the very last, existing widget … has no parent widget.

parentWidget is undefined.

And the kicker is that it has no “_emberView” property, so the result is undefined

So the property is never found and at that point the traversal stops.


The poll plugin is a little unusual in that the widget is mounted inside a post’s cooked HTML, rather than directly inside an Ember template via the <MountWidget component. So we probably need to add some extra logic here… will take a look :eyes:

Thanks for reporting @merefield!


I think if we merge this, it should make your code work @merefield

It’s not particularly pretty, but I think it’s ok since this is a pretty rare situation, and we hope to totally rip out all this widget/RenderGlimmer stuff in the not-too-distant future :crossed_fingers:


Thanks David. Yes it makes sense that a compromise might suffice in the meantime :+1:

I’ll test it once/if it is merged (and I’ll have to update my fork! :sweat_smile:)


Really appreciate the fast turnaround on this one, David.

I can confirm this is now working for me.

I’ll post here if I find any further issues with this arrangement.

(Screenshot Caveat: Very early days for this project!)


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