Attempting to use the @username feature crashes the tab


Ever since updating about 2 weeks ago, whenever a user attempts to tag a user by doing @name, the tab freezes and eventually crashes. This happens to every user under every browser. I have been updating regularly in the hopes that it would magically fix itself, but it seems to not be a wide spread problem for other forums and thus apparently hasn’t been reported nor fixed. We are currently on v2.3.0.beta9 +618 , I believe everything is vanilla discourse.

Using the chrome javascript console it breaks on the following line, so I’m assuming the loop is not terminating correctly:

This code was updated on April 23rd in the commit: FEATURE: Add support for Unicode usernames and group names · discourse/discourse@a7bc1ec · GitHub so perhaps something broke with that?

Steps to reproduce

  • Go to to create a free account (the forums use SSO so you’ll need one).
  • Go to and sign in
  • Attempt to reply or create a post, type @t and notice the tab locks up and eventually crashes.

I’m happy to provide any other details or access to the forums if it helps figure out what’s going on.

The bug seems to be in either a theme or a plugin that you’re using on the site. When I enter the site in safe-mode by going to I’m able to add a username to a post without any problem. I didn’t try actually saving a post, but I’m fairly sure that will work in safe-mode. If I don’t enter safe-mode, I get exactly the error that you are describing.


Thanks for the incredibly fast reply!

Apparently it’s the theme, I’ll work from there. Thanks a ton!


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