Audio player (plugin?) request

This one is a stretch, but I thought I’d see if any of you guys would be up for a challenge.

A couple of us have recently started up a Discourse forum (so far, so good btw) related to music recording, mixing, etc.
In the site, we have a section where people can post a mix that they are working on so that others can contribute ideas for fixes (ie, adjust EQ on vocals, ext).

I’m curious if it would be possible to make an audio player that allows you to hear the 10 most recent uploads (for example). It’d be handy for mix contests too!

Like I said, this is a stretch. Especially one that was automated. However, it’d be cool to have a playlist player either way. Even if it had to be done manually.

A sound cloud onebox set is very close to what you want:

With the bonus of not having to host music files yourself.


A playlist player, where the playlist was created inside of a single post, would be fairly straightforward for someone to make. I’ve been trying out a couple of javascript audio libraries in Discourse plugins. This one seems quite promising:

I’m using it here: (this may not be working, Freesound isn’t the most reliable website.)

I think this would be fairly difficult to do with audio files that are added through Discourse posts. One approach would be to set up an external website for hosting and managing your audio files, for example, if you used WordPress for the external site, each audio file could be a WordPress post. Doing it that way, it would be easy to do things like find the 10 most recent audio files, or have contests that involve audio files. People could interact with the audios on your forum through a onebox.

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I am sorry maybe this question is dumb or some,
do we have ability to attach Spotify playlist on this platform?

Just paste the URL of the playlist :wink:

I mean you know like a frame embed or some!? Maybe?


@dudeowl You could probably do it by going to your settings in discourse and adding the URL to your “allowed iframes” list


Sorry again, but how?
Could you give an example here?


Thanks Mike, really appreciated!

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