Auth0 SSO endpoint will be deleted

(Krzysztof Daniel) #1

As per Auth0 announcement, Auth0 Migrations, the sso endpoint will be deprecated. Does it mean discourse will no longer work with auth0?

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

Well, they have just moved their support forum to discourse, so I’d think that they’ll work it out.

(Krzysztof Daniel) #3

So far, they are using Discourse embedded user/login mechanism. It does not look promising. :sadpanda:

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

Well, it seems like a thing to ask them.

(Jeremy M) #6

There are some migration guides for those using Auth0.js and Lock that should be helpful. We are using the OAuth2-basic plugin and it works just fine.

(Krzysztof Daniel) #7

I’ve contacted them.

The functionality is supposed to continue working after Jan the 1st. As long as the login dialog that comes from them and uses their endpoints internally, everything is ok. The easiest way to distinguish is to look at the url of the login/signup form. If it changes to auth0 domain, it will work. An example (my forum):

However, if you use mentioned endpoints in your code directly, it will stop working.

(Jeremy M) #8

Some good information on our deprecation is found here