SSO Login page not showing up

I followed the Official SSO thread but can’t seem to get the universal login page to show up.

When I just enabled oAuth it worked. I logged in using “with Auth0” button with no problem. When I enabled SSO, it redirected to the Auth0 page but just gives me an error page with " invalid_request : Invalid parameter: client_id must be a string". My first thought is that I’m putting in the wrong “sso_url”. I honestly have no idea what is supposed to be there so i put “”

Anyone run into an issue like this? or have any ideas?

The sso url should be set to the URL you have configured on your SSO provider site to handle the Discourse SSO request.

Discourse’s implementation of SSO does not use OAuth. It’s possible that is what’s causing confusion.

What language or framework is your SSO provider site using? It’s possible there is already an implementation of SSO for it that you can use.

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My SSO provider is I followed this topic to get oAuth2 set up and then tried to add SSO.

Maybe I need to look further into the Auth0 side because I only set up an application and domain (tenant); I didnt see anything about SSO.

That makes sense. Auth0 and Discourse SSO are completely seperate systems. You can’t enable them both on your site. It sounds like all you need to do is make sure that Auth0 is correctly configured on your site.