Auto-Close Flag Threshold & Differential Flagging Weight Help

Hi all, I am relatively new to Discourse. I’m part of an organization using this platform and we are having a few moderation problem with flagging and thread closures.

  1. Problem is, the default flagging threshold seems to be set for a small organization, and we have several thousand members. Secondly, we need to allow democratic and sometimes contentious debate in our organization, which of course triggers the flag threshold. I see elsewhere on this site there is a ‘auto-close flag threshold’ in the moderation settings, but I can’t find any more information on it. Can someone please give instructions on how to increase this threshold?

  2. I also read moderation has weighted flag settings based on a user’s trust level. This is an interesting feature, however I am in a democratic organization and all our user’s trust or flagging power needs to relatively equal. At least for regular members. We don’t have any kind of power-seniority for members who have been in the organization longer or who happen to be able to use the site more often. This feature is kind of discriminatory to our less active members in the case of my organization. Is there a way to get rid of the differential trust settings as it relates to flagging?

I would much appreciate any help on this! As you may be wondering-- why don’t I just go poke around in the settings? I don’t have that level of access. I am asking for transparency’s sake and so that other users and organizations may have access to information regarding the sites features and bring clear instructions on how to change these types of settings.

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You can use these settings to tweak the Auto-Close behaviour:

This one is more nebulous. :slightly_smiling_face: The Trust Levels are more about how well you know the particular forum rules/mores, so a post should only be flagged by a TL3 Regular user if they think it’s against the forum rules - not just because they disagree with it, or don’t like the person that posted it. If you find a TL3 abusing their extra perks (eg. Flag weight) you can demote them back to a lower trust level (and even lock them there if you want to).

If you don’t want any TL3s at all you can also tweak the promotion thresholds to make it impossible to attain.

The Trust Levels are quite a big feature of Discourse though, so you might want to explore them a bit before you make any decisions (same for the flagging).


@JammyDodger thanks for your replies!