Auto close only if last post is this old

In reference to: Apply auto-close to existing topics

I understand that if you set Auto Close on a category after it’s populated with many topics, that setting only applies to newly created topics. But what about if the “Don’t close until the last post in the topic is at least this old.” box is checked?

If you change an existing category to Auto Close after X time with the above box checked, will all the topics whose last post is X old be closed immediately?

I think all the auto-timers are added going forward if you change the category setting, and it won’t apply to historical ones.

There’s a rake task to apply the regular auto-close timers, but I’m not sure if there’s a matching one for ‘auto-close after last reply’ too.

Though if you’re hosted by us and need them applying to older topics then we can do that for you. :+1:


Thank you!

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