Auto-post videos from YouTube playlists?

I’d like to use RSS Polling to auto-post videos from YouTube playlists, which are in the form:

However, the link attributes are the videos themselves, like This means I can’t use these URLs to set the categories by regex, but I could with the source/RSS URLs (each RSS would target a category). This isn’t possible right now, right?

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It’s not currently possible. There are some details about the issue here: Discourse-rss-polling: polling YouTube playlist feed.


Ok, so just to be clear: it isn’t possible to use YouTube feeds because they use some custom media tags, right?

However, I’ve seen similar situations to what I described above on blog posts too, where the link from the feed isn’t enough to identify a category, so in these cases it’s not possible to auto-set a category?

Right. I see now that I didn’t answer your initial question:

You should be able to get all feeds that have their link attribute set to the domain to publish to a category by creating a host record with its domain set to Something like this:

I don’t think there is a way to set specific categories based on the playlist’s ID though.

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Apparently you can pull in a YouTube channel’s feed with the plugin. Possibly the same approach will work for a playlist. Have a look at this post for details: Is there a YouTube plugin - #3 by CaptainZac. If you get a chance to try this out, let us know if it works.