Auto rebake match when changing category pic size


What’s the point of having a friendly UI option if you have to spend 24~48 hours rebaking everything, unless you have advanced knowledge with rebake:match?

It seems like a pretty basic change to require pretty advanced knowledge to do. It doesn’t make much sense.

It’d be nice to just auto selective rebake specifically this image upon saving.

What are you suggesting? An option to rebake just a category?

A global rebake should go in order of newest posts, to oldest (I’ve lectured people about this for years, so hopefully that’s the case), thus you should see the effects on the topics you care about, e.g. the recent ones, immediately. cc @techAPJ


I can confirm that is the case, as per:


We have a site setting called rebake old posts count that auto rebakes ‘X’ number of un-baked posts every 15 minutes. You can set individual posts for a background rebake like this:

  • mark a single post for rebake

    Post.where(id: 1234).update_all('baked_version = NULL')

  • mark all posts for rebake

    Post.update_all("baked_version = NULL")

  • mark all posts in a topic for rebake

    Post.where(topic_id: 1234).update_all('baked_version = NULL')

  • mark all posts in a category for rebake

    Post.joins(:topic).where('topics.category_id = 1234').update_all('baked_version = NULL')

Running this command will simply mark the post(s) for a background rebake through the PeriodicalUpdates job that runs every 15 minutes. You could also increase the value in the site setting for a less resource-intensive periodic rebake process.


The only feature suggestion I can think of is to offer a per-category rebake. Based on the code you entered above it sounds like that is possible through SQL though?


As per what @rishabh suggested above category can be set for background rebake via:

Post.joins(:topic).where('topics.category_id = <target_category_id>').update_all('baked_version = NULL')

I can add this on my low-priority list i.e. rebake task for a specific category.


It’s fine, as long as we have the above method via Ruby fakeSQL, that is good enough :wink:


Hmm, I actually just rebaked and my category images did not resize: This is semi-related, not sure whether to make a new post for it.

We originally had ~100px category images. After an update, it stretched them to ~150px without touching any settings.

We lowered it to 100px, rebaked (took about 24 hours), and now nothing has changed:




Massive, bulky icons I can’t seem to resize (smaller images just stretch and look crusty) ~

Any ideas?

I think you are using an oddball plugin, because I don’t see those settings for categories here on meta?

You might try asking the author of this plugin.


These category images aren’t thumbnails, hence this setting won’t have any effect.

See: Shrunken Category Images and adapt the CSS to your needs.


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