Auto reply option for "mail in" posts

Is there a chance for an option to automatically reply to mail in emails with something like

'Hi, thank you for your post, your post was processed and can be found at https://… "

Maybe with a customizable text per group?

My usecase: we use discourse for support and sales and it would be great for our users if they got a mail they could reply to for further info and also have a confirmation the mail arrived. Currently things look like a black hole until someone replies on the forum.

There’s definitely something to be said for an autoreply in certain situations. Whether it’s a core thing or not, I’m not so sure… all the hooks to make this happen in a plugin should be there already.


oh right. I Think I can even do this via the api & hooks if I can somehow find out how to get a “reply-to” email address for a given post.

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