Auto reply via email when new topic created from received email

When a new topic is created from a received email, I’d like to immediately reply to the user so they know it was posted.

Would this be useful to anyone else?

In the use case of support inboxes / ticketing systems, yes, this could be useful, because the sender typically has very little visibility into “the system” they’re flinging their mail at. However, for regular discussion, I don’t see the value – it’s analogous to an e-mail discussion list sending you a “your message was sent!” every time you posted to the list. That’d get real annoying real quick.


Ah, yes. the old “ack metoo” mailman feature. Many people miss features like this when they switch from mailman or listserv etc to discourse.

I have to say there is some benefit to getting this notificaiton, but it’s a level of email support that I don’t think it’s helpful for discourse to offer out of the box - maybe it could be a plugin to add a user setting? Or for some sites it would make sense to add an autoreply to the mailbox discourse uses to send/receive email?

Otherwise I think discourse does an amazing job with this for people who log into the app using their web browser, which is what we want in most cases.

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Agree, this only makes sense in the context of a support inbox/ticketing system. So it’d likely be an optional feature, that’s not on by default. Although the scope of this reply is ONLY for new topics, so it’s not meant to be a reply for every post on that topic, that would indeed get old quick.

Agree with all your points, that indeed using the system from the browser is what you want to have happen. And this feature actually spurs from wanting to get users to go to the website to follow up on their “support ticket”, so in a way it’s attempting to drive users to the website, who may not have known that there even was a website to begin with.