Auto updates via cronjob - is this safe?

I’m thinking of auto-updating Discourse via cronjob. For example every two weeks in the night a cronjob with the following:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher rebuild app

Do you think this is safe to do? Or should I do this manually?

It’s possible that something will go wrong and you’ll leave your site broken. I recommend that you list attention when you do it.


Yeah. I was thinking of sending all the build output via mail, so I can check in the morning.

Personally, I do the exact same thing with my sites, but I use the two-container install in case the bootstrap fails.

Only if the bootstrap completes successfully does the old container stop and the new one start.

So far I have had no problems


As Jay said, in rare cases, an update can sheep issues (whether in Discourse itself or with plugins/components).
I’ve seen it happen a couple of times in a few years. It’s very rare, and fixes are made quickly, but because of this, I tend to get information on the updates (and check the #bug category :eyes:) before rebuilding my instances. I often wait for a few days after a new version is officially released.

And do a ./launcher cleanup sometimes as well.

So, I prefer to update when I want and after gathering information. I have potential damage control, it’s safer.

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