Autocompletion for categories when editing a topic should take into account category slug

Continuing the discussion from Use category slug in menus instead of category name:

The slug for the System Administrators category is sysadmins. Here’s what happens if I wanna move a topic there.

So far so good:


Which is not consistent with our hashtag autocompletion, which does in fact appear to take the slug into account:


Is this still an active starter-task?

Apologies if this isn’t an appropriate reply. I’ve just found out about the Outreachy programme and Discourse - I’m really interested in them both but I feel like there’s a small mountain of setup, learning and familiarisation to do in my one weekend off before the Outreachy deadline. It would seem less intimidating if I knew there was only a small task like this waiting for me on the other side :flushed:


Hi Holly, welcome to the Discourse meta community!

This task is indeed still up for grabs. If you need any help during the setup & familiarisation process, search around on this forum and ask questions in #dev as needed.


Looks like we can close this now @joffreyjaffeux?

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I am new in discourse community. I want to take this if it is still open. And if not can you please guide me to others which are in #starter-tag and are still open.


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