Category:slug search does not work

I recently renamed my categories, leaving the slugs unchanged (so “macro” changed name to “Macro Library”).

I can with #macro or #"macro library" or category:"macro library".

But category:macro does not work for some reason, gives: No results found.


Was slug search ever supposed to work? I don’t know that this was supported at any point?

Why wouldn’t it be supported?

Then this is a feature request “make search also work with the slugs of categories, not just the names of categories”.

Did auto-complete in search solve this? You can start typing the category name/slug and hit tab for it to fill out to the correct syntax…

However, I bet the quotes are throwing off auto-complete, I tested it on my sandbox and typing “#site feedback” followed by tab changes it to #site-feedback

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Whether it is a bug or a feature is up to you to decide. To me it is a broken implementation, but if you consider it to be a feature request, that’s fine too.

That does not appear to work with “category:”. I can type “#que” to complete to #questions, but I cannot type “category:que” to complete to category:questions.