Automate sending chat messages when topics bumped

We running a hybrid workshop and are using our discourse forum to support this.

Every speaker has their own topic, where questions can be asked and answered, later if need be.

Our strategy is to use a chat channel as the main source of information for users, so we’d like to automate a chat message when a new speaker is scheduled to start that points to the relevant topic.

Unfortunately it seems the “Send Chat Message” script only has triggers for recurring and event started, and needs a topic ID. So if we put an event in every speakers topic, we’d need to create “automations” for every single one, which doesn’t sound terribly automatic to me.

It also isn’t possible to put multiple events in a single topic either, which would solve the issue too.

If there was an option for a category id to look for events that would work. Or a trigger when a topic gets bumped in a category, that would also work.

We are on a managed instance, in case that limits the possible options.