Automatic actions for tags

In a similar vein as Automatic Actions based on Words found in posts, I’d love it if some tags could have simple automated actions attached to them.

Lately we’ve been closing quite a few #pr-welcome topics, which is fantastic! But I’ve been running after every closed topic to remove the pr tag so that it stops appearing in the list of tasks up for grabs.

So the rule for #pr-welcome would be very simple: IF topic is closed THEN remove this tag.

I consider this super low priority, just wanted to log this idea.


I would like to see a rule for adding a tag based on category. So “add tag abc if category is xyz.”


Or a rule for generating table of contents based on tags… this could save me a lot of time… This would be really great, to give Discourse some sort of or IFTTT capabilities :ok_hand:

IF tag ... THEN generate TOC sorted by post date.

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I’m also curious on this one, I’m looking for a feature that can add tag automatically for a category