Questions about Automation

Apparently this is planned to land in the Business plan, which is awesome. I’d like to not get too ahead of myself in imagination, though.

Could this be used to:

  • tag posts that come in via email (perhaps with stringent criteria)?
  • automatically suggest tags if no tags are given (not by email; via the web)?
  • set a topic timer for all new posts in a category?
  • act as a “smart” topic timer, removing replies that don’t have a certain keyword, or not enough likes, or similar?
  • move any post marked as wiki to be owned by a “wiki-bot” user (so it’s clear it’s not necessarily the first editor’s words)?
  • validate calendar plugin [date] entries to reject overlaps?

This isn’t a prioritized list, but they’re all off-the-top-of-my-head, things I’ve wanted at some point recently. :slight_smile:

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Most likely not, depends of the exact expectations. But no live feedback on the UI.

None of these are currently done, but these are good ideas which shouldn’t be too hard to implement.


Thanks! How about these?

  • Automatically tag posts based on regexes, including a result of that regex? For example, if the text matches /Fedora ((Linux|Workstation) )?(\d\d)/, tag with fedora-linux-$2 (matching the second ()).

  • After some time (13 months, in my use case) with no activity, close posts and move to an Archive category (to help implement How should category archiving work? - #9 by mattdm), except pinned posts, and possibly conditional upon tags, number of likes/votes

  • Make a web query and respond based on the result? In my specific case, I want to query our bug tracker, and create, edit, or move topics and replies based on specific fields in the result.


ATM this kind of behavior is mostly handled by /admin/customize/watched_words/action/tag.

Yes this is already almost done (maybe not number of likes/votes though)

I’m afraid this will have too many specific parts, would have to be a dedicated plugin.


That can handle wildcards as input, but can’t carry matches through into the tag to be applied, can it?

Also I don’t think it can handle more sophisticated things (I’d want to tag fedora-linux-35 based on “Fedora 35” but not fedora-linux-is-awesome from “Fedora is awesome!”).

Re: archiving:

Cool. I think tags would probably be more important than votes or likes.

Re: thing interacting with external web query.

No problem. I’m already looking at an external bot using the API for this, and just wondered if actually maybe it could be all subsumed.


Hey Matt :slight_smile:

I’ve just fished this out of the topic timer as it seems like it has good info in. If there are any suggestions you have that still haven’t been implemented, could you spin up a feature topic for each so we can keep track of them? :pray: :crossed_fingers:


Yes, definitely. I’m adding a bookmark so I don’t forget. :slight_smile: