Automatic Dark Mode color scheme switching

So it works on Windows, and iOS, but not on ChromeOS? That’s what the testing shows? That implies to me that ChromeOS maybe needs some updating or isn’t doing it quite the same as everyone else? Any thoughts @pmusaraj?


Yes, this is very much a ChromeOS issue, it works well on all OSes that support dark mode, i.e. macOS, Windows, iOS, Android and several Linux flavors. There is really nothing for us to do here.


Could it possibly be enabled now?


Hmm, good point, how do we test this @pmusaraj on meta? I’ve enabled “dark mode” for apps in Windows 10 and I am seeing Twitter (web/Chrome) go dark, but not meta?


Yes, this is still not enabled on meta because we have many themes enabled here, each designed to work with a specific color scheme. Plus we have the theme switcher in the hamburger menu, which doesn’t play well with color schemes.


Oh, I see. Does it work with a default install of Discourse? Can I get it to work with ?


Yes, it works on a default install. It works on, for example.

On you might have to toggle the setting (by default it is set to None):


Ah, I see. My install is quite old and only had one color scheme, light. I added a new color scheme based on the dark default, and that worked – I can verify that switching the dark and light color schemes in the Windows Settings automatically affects Discourse now! :tada:

But does this work out of the box for a new Discourse install? Hopefully yes?


It does, there are a few color schemes added by default (Light, Dark, WCAG Light, WCAG Dark). The setting is default off though, new admins need to find it to enable it.


Should we perhaps make a goal of having that setting be on by default in this release? As long as we ship default logos in the dark version it should be good?


This feature is so useful, thank you for including in core.

I’ve done up a gif to demonstrate it on Windows. Discourse switches instantly, faster than the OS itself :+1:

Additional details here on my instance if keen.


:clap: Now I can read twice as much. :laughing:


Please set this default to on. There is no user that wants to use dark mode and find a light theme when opening discourse website. There really is no point in having this default off.


Yes @pmusaraj is there anything preventing this from working by default in a new Discourse install?


Yes, we can enable this by default for new installs. The default sketch logo we ship looks great on dark mode as it is. The main issue IMO is that we need to allow admins to manage their dark mode color scheme (or disable it) in the wizard. I believe we need to make some changes to this screen:

I can start working on this in the current release cycle.


This is now in core as of last week (pull request), new Discourse installations will have dark mode enabled by default.


Hi there, thanks for an awesome addition of auto dark mode for the latest discourse install… kudos to the maintainers :clap:t2:

However, I did notice that in Safari mobile browser running on latest iOS 15 (of my iPhone 12) , the notch area still stays light / white… (at the selected Dark theme does cover the notch as well, but I suspect that is a different implementation than the auto dark theme right?)

Good news is that it works fully on Chrome mobile browser in iOS 15 though…

Safari - notch area is still light example at

Chrome - notch area is dark :white_check_mark::

Safari - notch area is dark at when choosing “Dark” mode:

cc @pmusaraj



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