Automatic Dark Mode color scheme switching

Please set this default to on. There is no user that wants to use dark mode and find a light theme when opening discourse website. There really is no point in having this default off.


Yes @pmusaraj is there anything preventing this from working by default in a new Discourse install?


Yes, we can enable this by default for new installs. The default sketch logo we ship looks great on dark mode as it is. The main issue IMO is that we need to allow admins to manage their dark mode color scheme (or disable it) in the wizard. I believe we need to make some changes to this screen:

I can start working on this in the current release cycle.


This is now in core as of last week (pull request), new Discourse installations will have dark mode enabled by default.


Hi there, thanks for an awesome addition of auto dark mode for the latest discourse install… kudos to the maintainers :clap:t2:

However, I did notice that in Safari mobile browser running on latest iOS 15 (of my iPhone 12) , the notch area still stays light / white… (at the selected Dark theme does cover the notch as well, but I suspect that is a different implementation than the auto dark theme right?)

Good news is that it works fully on Chrome mobile browser in iOS 15 though…

Safari - notch area is still light example at

Chrome - notch area is dark :white_check_mark::

Safari - notch area is dark at when choosing “Dark” mode:

cc @pmusaraj



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