Automatic dark mode picks wrong logo unless correct colour palette is selected manually

The title pretty much says it all: I have one theme (Default) with WCAG Light as default colour palette. I enabled automatic dark mode switching with “default dark mode color scheme id” set to WCAG Dark.
On my computer I have Dark Mode enabled and when I open any browser, without logging in, I see the WCAG Dark colours but the logo is the light, normal one. If I login, then go to in my settings → “Interface” and then manually select WCAG Dark and refresh, the correct logo appears.

I can’t figure out what’s wrong. I did set two different types of logos in the Branding section.
This is what I get with Dark Mode enabled on my computer:

Selecting the correct colour scheme:

I can manually set my colour palette correctly, but unlogged users with dark mode enabled see a black background but with a light logo. How can I fix this?

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Maybe related to this? Some themes on Meta look too similar suddenly? - #10 by david

I’m not sure if that’s the problem I’m having. The colour palette is right and it does change, but the logo doesn’t. It’s like the automatic dark mode doesn’t also switch the logo for some reason.

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I also tried rebuilding with no success.

With dark mode enabled on my computer, in the source code of the forum I see this:


It sets the color scheme to a dark one, but apparently it’s not dark for the logo to also be dark…?

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I am not using that theme component though.

Maybe that also fixes your problem

Thanks for the report, I have identified a bug and we have a fix

Fix deployed here on Meta. Please update your site to receive the fix.


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