Automatic dark/light theme logo switching

Good evening,

For the life of me, I cannot seem to get this working. I am trying to get how the Discourse logo changes from light to dark. I’ve added our logos in the image boxes; we use white for the dark theme and black for the light theme, but nothing changes.

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Hi @Aaron_Walsh :wave:
Are you on the latest version of Discourse? (3.1.0 stable or 3.2.0.beta1-dev) And have you tried in safe mode?
I have a color mode changer on my dev instance that is working as expected with dark and light logo switching.

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Hi @Lilly,

Yes, I’m on the latest version :+1:. I just tested it in safe mode and still have the same issue.

I’ve searched far and wide, and also seen your post here:

But nothing seems to work. I have also checked the site settings.

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What browser and OS are you using?

Chrome 116.0.5845.163

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra - Android 13

hmmm. I have full logo change functionality in safari, chrome and firefox on ipad iOS both desktop and mobile, as well as my ubuntu desktop with chrome and firefox. Chrome on a non-ipad tablet I cannot test.

can you try logging in with Chrome incognito mode? I wonder if an extension might be involved… :thinking:

Unfortunately, this also did not work. I’ll do some more digging. It must be a setting I have missed and is now conflicting.

When you toggle light dark modes, are there any errors in the web inspector console?

After hours of additional searching, sorry for the delay.

I have a repo here in meta. The images in my forum change when I go into Preferences > Interface, however, it cancels out the whole theme and only changes the logo. Also, this wouldn’t change everything in the forum.

did you click the save button at the bottom then refresh your page in your preferences?

Yes, as you can see from the issue I’m facing with my current theme (Fully), the image logo doesn’t change. But in Preferences > Interface, when I select a color scheme, it does. However, the toggle only changes the image logo between dark/light but does not change the entire background to dark/light.

I’m thinking this is something I’ve set incorrectly; however, there isn’t much I can change to rectify what I’m seeing.

Now, it’s making me question this topic that was previously mentioned. Was it fixed?

After 7 hours of dedication, I had the configuration back to front. This topic can now be closed. Thank you very much for your time, @Lilly.


Hey don’t thank me, thank yourself!, you did the hard work :slight_smile: I am glad you figured it out. :clap:


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