Automatic Discourse Posts from Twitter: Any Plugins Available?


Are there any plugins to create automatic Discourse posts from Twitter account updates?

I fixed this up to work with YouTube again and it did have Twitter support, but you may need to work on it to make Twitter work again:

(I didn’t PR my fork to the main repo precisely because I only fixed YouTube and have not tested Twitter)

Be aware it uses polling and this might get a little expensive now Twitter has upped their charges … you would be better to convert it to pub-sub.


Hi Robert was wondering if you had a chance to test twitter compatibility since your Youtube fix?

The fork is completely unsupported I’m afraid, I moved on (but it’s in a better state than the original - simply because I did spend a lot of time improving it at the time), but feel free to take a copy and continue improving it. Twitter functionality was not touched, so probably very out of date (but the framework is good, so worth fixing).

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Thank you but imagine this would be over my head to do at this point.

There was a post requesting to have this plugin taken over for maintaining.

Do you know off hand any other ways to accomplish this?