Best service to auto post to twitter?

Im not familiar with twitter but my users may be…

I dont have that many new posts per day (max 1-2 on a heavy day) in my forum but I have a relatively huge userbase but the dont come regularly. To inform these not regularly visitings users about new post I thought I would auto post to my twitter account they could follow if they want to…

It seems like there are many services that can handle that job.

As a free service - what to you recommend?

Zapier is a good option. It easily integrates with both discourse and twitter

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I would also recommend Zapier.

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Maybe turn on daily summary emails?

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+1 on the email digest.

My personal experience of Twitter is that people who are engaged and active on Twitter will rarely follow an outbound link and leave Twitter.

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We are using IFTT, by using the RSS to Twitter applet. Discourse supports RSS out of the box, so this might be a nice free option instead of Zapier.

But, I’m interested to hear any other free options that you are aware of. :slight_smile:


I implemented Zapier, but it does not quite work the way I would like. I am gonna try out IFTT shortly, and I will let you know the results.

I would also recommend Zapier.

But I have changed the default rss by adding a short description at the top as well as other fields. You can try it out by replacing the value of the ?url= with your domain

I did now sign up and test IFTTT - then we will see if anyone will use the service at my site - but now it is there… :smiley:

Thanks for the replies!

Its a very simple service - no tags are added. Not the XX first chars of the post. Just the link. But well - very simple to setup

Here how it looks like - if anyone would like to know:

Skærmbillede 2021-01-25 kl. 08.17.55 Skærmbillede 2021-01-25 kl. 08.17.33


I’ve used IFTTT over the years, including RSS to various targets, and can recommend them. They started charging recently but I think you can still have a couple of basic “recipes” free. I don’t recommend Twitter though :slight_smile: