Automatic Messaging

Hello, was wondering if there’s a setting in Discourse that automatically messages new users who post/comment/browse a lot, for example in the image below:

I would like to set this up in my Discourse community as well.

This setting is theoretically turned on by default. It is send tl1 welcome message in site settings.

Thanks, I was wondering if there was a way to link it to badges, like for example a TL1 User gets the welcome message and then a New User Badge on their profile.

Unffortently there is not. You are able to make a program using the API to do this though

This message is simultaneous with the promotion of TL1. There are default badges based on trust levels. Therefore, you can modify the badge, or copy its badge SQL and create a new one.

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this is literally the basic user badge is it not?

Ahh, let’s say a Discourse user on my Discourse community had been reading posts for 10 minutes, would it be possible for them to get automatically sent a message congratulating them and get assigned a badge at the same time for reading for 10 minutes or that wouldn’t be possible?

Badges can be done natively using Badge SQL. If you need to send messages, you have to install the Discourse Automation plugin

But it should be noted that the badge SQL queries is executed daily. This may cause some delays…

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Ahh, and the Automation Plugin would allow me to send messages like the one I initially got right?

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