Automatic post mod when moderators edit a post

Is there any way to have an automated text message appended to the bottom of a post whenever it gets edited by a moderator? Mods are concerned that when they’re snipping posts, they’re attributing content to a poster who didn’t post the final version.
[edited by moderator: January 18th, 2021]
Something like that.


If I got that right, you are talking about moderators, who approve users posts, is that right?

More when someone gets confrontational in the political section (they’re sorting out the problems in america right now!) and a moderator steps in and removes part of a post.

Our basic policy is that you can attack ideas, but not posters; when posters are being confrontational with another poster, the mods will step in and delete that section of their post.

Automating this would require a plugin, but moderators can manually add a Staff Notice that appears above a post. To do this, select the ‘Add Staff Notice’ from the post’s admin actions menu.


Thank you, perhaps our mods missed this. I’ll let them know, and if that’s not sufficient, I’ll figure out a plugin.
I appreciate your help!

EDIT: random text!

If you’re self-hosted, a plugin could do that. It could add an before_save method that would append some text to the post. Probably an hour or two, more with proper specs.

I’ve added a “live” demo to your post above @Glenn_Cooke :wink:

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You don’t moderate me, I moderate you!

Thanks again, the mods seem OK with what we have.