Moderation seems really clumsy


When moderating replies, I’d like to be able to:

  • hide the post
  • inform the user why the post is hidden, preferably quoting it in a direct message to the user
  • possibly add a staff-coloured comment to the topic as to what’s going on

It seems surprisingly awkward to do this? I seem to have to:

  • flag the post (not the topic!)
  • accept/action the flag to hide the post
  • copy the text
  • create a dm with the user and paste it in as a quote
  • go back to the topic
  • write a comment
  • edit the comment to have the staff colour

Is there a better way of doing this?


When you flag a post you can Take Action which should hide it straight away. An automated PM is then sent to that user to say their post has been hidden for {reason} and they can then edit the post to bring it inline with your site’s guidelines after a 10 minute window (built in as a cooldown). If they edit it it should reappear again.

If you want to send a PM about the post, pulling up the usercard on the moderated post and clicking Message should automatically include a link/onebox of the specific post.

Could any of that improve your flow?