Automatically add domain to group

Seems the feature that I can setup a domain and users with email that matches it are automatically added to a group doesn’t work any more.
When I try to add a domain it just shows No matches found

Or am I missing something?


What did you add for the domain? Did you check the box, and upon submitting it gave you an error message?

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Previously I had added a domain, but now it has disappeared.
Now if I try to add a domain it simply doesn’t show the green check box for saving.


That sounds like a UI bug or conflicting plugin; if the box isn’t working you won’t know if the auto-add-to-group function is working (I presume it does).

Anyhow, try safe mode (/safe-mode) and turn off customizations and try adding the domain.

I am getting the same behaviour on


I noticed this happening a week or two ago; I didn’t have enough time to troubleshoot.

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This will be fixed by

I also added a test as it’s the only component of this kind using {{list-setting}} outside of settings, and was subject to regressions.



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