Automatically open Chat window when a Chat bookmark is selected

I also cannot get to my bookmarked chats from Profile > Bookmarks for some reason. Unlike search, the bookmarked chat item is listed there. But, when I click on it, I get an "Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private." message.

Ah, I just realized that it works for me if I have the chat window open.

If it is not open, it doesn't take me there and I get the Oops message.

Yeah, it would be good to have it so that the chat window is opened automatically when a chat bookmark is clicked, rather than throw an Oops error.

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Interesting, I am not having any luck reproducing here, can you repro on meta @agungor ?

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I initially observed this issue on Meta, but cannot reproduce it anymore. :+1:t2: Just tried a few moments ago, and clicking on a chat bookmark opened the chat window rather than show the Oops page.