Automatically provision accounts with external SSO provider? (skip Create New Account prompt)

I’ve just setup a Discourse instance and added the discourse-openid-connect to it, connecting Keycloak as the OIDC provider.

After following the 3 conditions stated here with a recent update, I get the behaviour to authenticate via Keycloak, or if already logged in, clicking the “Login” button will prompt me to “Create New Account” with the fields filled in sourced from Keycloak info on the user.

Is there a way to skip this part requiring an additional step from the user? These are fields are naturally already populated from Keycloak, so there shouldn’t be a need for the user to modify them specifically for Discourse.

The account creation should be handled implicitly, similar to how Grafana is able to do it? I am aiming for each service provided by the community to support this seamless experience, that the original community account that is signed-up is all they have to deal with.

This might not make sense if you’re thinking about external auth such as Google / Facebook / Github / etc. A user can register their community account via Keycloak with one of those, but Keycloak itself which is only used internally is what is intended to work with all the individual services, so implicit/automated consent and sign-up is desirable.

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