Automatically set category email-in addresses

This plugin takes 4 settings:

  • auto_email_in_enabled
  • auto_email_in_divider: Set the divider between a parent category slug and sub category slug
  • auto_email_in_domain: Set the domain of the email-in addresses
  • auto_email_in_append: Append new email-in addresses, rather than overwriting

So with the default settings, when enabled, all category email-in addresses will be set to:

<slug> or <parent_slug>+<child_slug>

So, with a category under /c/help/faq, this would be

If the auto_email_in_append setting is enabled, then emails will be appended as an alternative, rather than overwriting the existing value.

So if your /c/help/faq category already has an email-in value of, enabling the plugin will change that email-in value to| This means a user can email or and the email will go the same category.