Autoplay YouTube videos (opt-in)

(Charles Walter) #1

I know this may sound potentially annoying for many users, but I surveyed about 100 users asking what features they’d most like to see, and the #1 response was autoplay on YouTube videos with sound. We have a number of music oriented categories, and users want a more lively experience by having the sound start the moment they open the topic.

I’m just wondering if someone would be interested in creating a plugin that could make this an option in the user preferences, similar to the way we have enabled users to opt-in to signatures. We would pay for development of this plugin, if it is indeed possible.


Media Autoplay Plugin (discourse-plugin-autoplay)
(Sam Saffron) #2

Oh my … Imagine visiting Awesome Song Thread! - Boing Boing BBS it would be a cocophony of crazyland.

If someone built this, which to be honest, I feel is very ill advised, I would strongly recommend they take that into account.

Going to move this into marketplace cause this is not the sort of crazy the Discourse team will participate in :wink:

(Jeff Atwood) #3

This… is a profoundly bad idea. It makes an opt-in comments plugin look like a work of genius. :laughing:

(Charles Walter) #4

I hear you guys. But I literally tell you it is the most requested feature. I imagine it would only apply to the first video of the topic.

I have tried speaking with several users explaining the challenges, and how it would be a bad experience for many. But it does not change their opinion.

Users are extremely thankful for the opt-in signatures. They say this is the next feature that the would really love.


I’ve been trialling with a pro film and tv (VFX) audience and they’ve mentioned something similar in what they’ve collectively called a ‘cinema’ feature.

Relatively easily done client side, but it’s not top of my priority list right now.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #6

Hey @charleswalter,

Can you link me a topic where this would be used?

(Charles Walter) #7

Great to hear from you @Falco. Here are two examples.

Two examples…

with YouTube video

with MP3 link

(dtchau) #8

Hi @charleswalter, try this plugin I just made - GitHub Repo: discourse-plugin-autoplay.

(Jeff Atwood) #9