Avatar flair not showing in two-column view of main page

Hi all,

We have avatar flar set up for members of a staff group working on our forum, it’s great:

That said, we can’t see the avatar flair on the two-column view of our main page:

(the person where I’ve drawn a red box is a staff member)

this leads to people not realizing that a staff member is involved in a thread when they are seeing it on the main page.

How can we rectify this? thanks.


Flair doesn’t appear everywhere, here’s a list of the supported locations:

To add it somewhere else would require a plugin.


I do think we should include flair on those topic lists; really it should appear everywhere that user’s avatar does… in this case it appears it’s left out of our category template entirely.


i agree. if the avatar flair’s job is to distinguish some community members from others, the topic list is a key place for that. It shows our customers that staff and community champions are engaged in those threads.


This is a bit of an oversight on our part, we will get it sorted but it may take us a couple of weeks, @awesomerobot had a look and we need to amend the API server a well as the client code so it is not a trivial change.


fantastic, I really look forward to seeing this get added!

IIRC, we haven’t done it on the topic lists so far because desktop just has so many freakin’ avatars and they’re so small the flair would be almost invisible.

Categories + Latest, as well as mobile, change that. I agree with adding the flair here.


Avatar flairs added to the “Categories + Latest” and “Categories + Top” views in the above PR.

For that, we have to include the “avatar-flair” component in the raw handlebar “topic-list-item.hbr” which is not supported. Else we have to create a new “avatar-flair” raw template for it. It may not a proper solution. @eviltrout any ideas?

I think Android is not a slow platform anymore. Do we still need raw handlebars?


This is a bigger question that hopefully we will be researching during the Ember CLI migration. For the time being you have to re-create the helper/component unfortunately.