Avatar group flairs went missing from the homepage

Didn’t change any settings or anything. All the group flairs from the avatars appearing on the homepage are now hidden for some reason. The group flairs do appear on the topic pages though.


Your homepage can be configured in a few different ways… can you be more specific? is your homepage the categories page? if so which desktop category page style (from admin site settings) is being used?


I have the same problem.

@Dax found the problem and there will be a fix soon.

A fix has been deployed! If you’re still having issues with your flair please let us know.


Just to be thorough :slight_smile:, this was fixed in:


Confirming the issue was solved :white_check_mark:

Hey Kris, sorry about not providing any context. Even though the issue was resolved, just want add context and information for the issue.

From the homepage style, I was using: Categories and Latest Topics

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