Avatars in topic list are not refreshing due to giant Sidekiq backlog

I don’t know how to “title” this strange :bug:

In my forum, when a user opened a new topic, and others replayed to it, the avatars do not show (or appear) in the users’ column. Check this capture (is in spanish, but simple to understand)

As you can see, the topic has got four replays and only shows ONE avatar (the author).

My discourse version: v1.6.0.beta10 +65

Does this problem persist for more than a day? Is Sidekiq working on your instance?



In my /logs says:

Sidekiq is consuming too much memory (using: 508.25M) for ‘mysite.com’, restarting

Sidekiq heartbeat test failed, restarting

How can I add more Sidekiq workers?

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Sounds like jobs are not processing

Try rebuilding

Rebuild completed, but, how could I solve the problem with the images?
Do I must to wait that /sidekiq/queues finish?

Is the number going down?

Yes, very slowly, but yes.

This problem is directly related to the topic that users stick screenshots and not uploaded to the site? So they are published as broken images?

You unchecked the default setting?

download remote images to local
Convert remote images to local images by downloading them; this prevents broken images.


OMG., yes… now I checked it again.

No, it should be unrelated (although re-enabling the setting was a great idea to prevent broken images).

The avatar list will refresh – the corresponding job is just stuck somewhere in your large queue. Wait for the queue to be processed, or speed it up by launching more workers, and this problem (as well as other delays) will fix itself :slight_smile:

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This is solved.
Thanks to all quick response and patience :wink:


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