Avatars invisible after last update

[v2.0.0.beta5 +63]

Avatars occasionally don’t show up.


I can confirm this is happening on Meta right now as well.

We’re aware and are working on a fix.


I can confirm I am having this same behavior.
Also slight column misalignment as well.

Fix has been committed. This was a regression from PERF: Don't join on shared drafts unless you have to · discourse/discourse@efedd97 · GitHub, which has since been revereted. If you updated your site in the last 2 hours you’ll need to update again. Fix is deploying to Meta right now, should be done in the next few minutes.


That seems unrelated. Can you open a seperate ux topic for that?

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yes I will, going to update and confirm it still occurs, happened at same update

it’s fixed now. Thanks!
[v2.0.0.beta5 +66]

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