Avatars lost after restore. How to get them back?

On the first message I meant avatars specifically (through the user’s profile), the second is on the editor.

So on a normal message, if you drag and drop or press the “upload image” button, it will work seamlessly, as normal.

In short:

  • Avatars don’t show, just the placeholder.
  • Custom Emoji also don’t show.
  • Site Images (logo, etc) were also not showing.
  • If you upload images on the composer it works ok.
  • If you try to upload the same avatar you had before the incident, it wont work. The behavior is: Will upload, then in the box where you select if you want a default letter, gravatar or upload will be shown as a blank square. When you confirm your choice and the page reloads, you will have the grey placeholder.


  • No Tombstone folder.
  • The old images are in directories (as shown with the queries you gave me) that don’t exist.

Let me check the domain thing. As a note, when I was reading for info I tried:

  • Triggering the CreateMissingAvatars job from Sidekiq -> No success.
  • Rebake all posts (yeah, kind of a stretch) -> No success.
  • Based on this thread since I did use a different domain (subdomain actually) to test the restore from backup while the main site was offline I thought that maybe some URLs may be wrong, so I ran this: discourse remap talk.foo.com talk.bar.com -> No success.