Assets stopped rendering

My forum background stopped showing

I checked assets and it was still there, I run a non production instance to test things, it was the same, on that site I did run the UI update, but it became worse, more missing assets appeared

Here’s a weird twist, we went from Discourse hosted to self hosted close to a year ago, when checking console errors the missing image reports a 403 back to a discourse server,

The theme files show the expected self hosted url , not the 403 :man_shrugging:

In this screenshot the 403 is a discourse file, the ones above/below are on the expected self hosted server

I’m happy to answer questions in case this is more than isolated, and also would like if someone could post the necessary console commands to rebuild correctly.

i.e. I’m not certain I want to run a remap from the old discourse server to the new self hosted one when that’s already been done and correctly so far as I thought

Thank you in advance


Somebody else had a similar problem recently, and I believe that was due to the S3 assets not being included/remapped in the swopover from Discourse-hosting to self-hosting?

Not sure if that’s helpful, but thought I’d throw it in.

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The other non production site is also missing avatars, a new problem as well,

a quick check on the system avatar reveals it reverted back to a discourse url

How does this change occur seemingly at random :thinking:

I ran a four day old back up file successfully, no help

rechecked the theme files and, it points to the discourse server


that’s the non production server, the public one does show the files correct, despite not working, no plans to attempt a back up on it


When you left hosting, you failed to request a backup that included your uploads, so you’ve been using them on their S3 bucket since you left.

If you are lucky you can email support and ask that they restore them. If they can, you’ll need to pull those assets down to your local storage before they erase them for good.


Thank you so much for the reply, I greatly appreciate it, particularly knowing your level of expertise,

When we did this, as I look back, all Discourse had to do was “check a box so that uploads are included in your backup file” and then we downloaded it, and I did the subsequent SSH to remap.

The idea that we were using Discourse servers doesn’t compute with my limited knowledge of how this all works, can you elaborate further please?

Thanks again


They keep uploads in an S3 bucket. The “include uploads” checkbox includes only local uploads, not those on S3.

There is a hidden site setting include_s3_uploads_in_backups. If you cancel your service, that gets turned on by default. If you ask them to turn that setting on, they will. But if you just get a backup before canceling your service, it won’t get the uploads in S3, just the ones on local storage (and there aren’t any).

But maybe I’m wrong and you just have a few themes with discourse assets hard-coded in them. That’s certainly the case for the theme in your images.

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What does this mean?

The theme currently has the correct local url, that can be seen here, and the console, yet the bottom error is reading from Discourse, how do I correct this, I don’t even understand it :man_shrugging:

theme url

error url
Thank you for your patience


Something, somewhere is referring to that URL. It would appear that the place that is referring to that URL is not the place that you’re looking.


lol, not the droids I’m looking for :wink:

I feel you on that answer, but at the moment, am perplexed, hope another expert can offer some idea’s.

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Another instance was found lower on the page, so, strange as it is/was, you solved it, thank you for your help.


And in only another hour. I feel your pain. Glad it wasn’t what I first thought!

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