Avatars that are generated with divs

I have on my own portal a way where users can basically dress up their full characters. But on the forums I wish to display them as their avatars. So far I have managed to make an image out of their full characters. But I would much prefer to just use the same “code” so to speak instead of the avatars, so the images can still move (some are gifs) and so that it can be updated instantly as they “dress up”.
Is there a way to do that? Would it require is separate plugin or can it be done via my own theme design?

The “code” I’m speaking of is made out of multiple layered div elements and css.

Technically you are describing a client side extension. It is very likely it can be done as a theme component. Reasonably complex though.


I see. Can you maybe point me in a direction where I can start making this? I can try stuff out. But just so I know where to start.