Babble - A Chat Plugin

@gdpelican Hi.
We experience the same problem as described here. When a user sends a direct message to another user - there is no notification marker appears next to the nickname. So when I am looking at the user list, I cant guess who sent me a msg.
There should be little circles like that. How to enable them? Thanx.

I know you won’t believe. But till today morning, my babble chat (installed just 3 days back, so only 10 to 20 msgs were there) appeared under one topic in the chosen category.

I believed this was the intended behaviour that Babble chat would appear in the designated category (category chosen in babble settings).
Now it happened that I went into do some experiments and happen to delete that category. And now I can’t not only bring that behaviour back, but also facing a new peculiarity.

If I created a new category, specially for Babble chat, and assigned that category to Babble. Then (unlike till this morning), any post/topic I create under that category doesn’t appear in the Babble Chat. But if I post a msg in Babble chat, then that (first) msg can only be edited, but can’t be deleted in any way. And to make things worse, I can’t delete that category anymore since category would keep showing that there exists one topic.
How can I resolve this?
Hope I was able to make myself clear.

I would repeat, that till today morning, whatever was being posted in Babble chat, was being reproduced in the category’s one topic. There must be some 10 to 20 babble postings showing under that category (all under one topic, linear way).`

How to change background color under icon?

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Can we show chat logs outside Babble?
I mean, for example, “chat topic” in normal Discourse.

I knew it’s exist, but I don’t know how can I put it into topic list.

Is there a way to get Babble working outside of Discourse itself? We are interested in embedding a Babble chatroom into a separate part of our website, so that we can still have moderator tools and use the same accounts as on our forum.

I have recently deployed your plugin for our community. Thanks for all of your work.

There is one issue I am facing,
babble-staged-post sometimes doens’t disappear and spinner keep rotating. It happens rarely., subsequent posts again will not have problem.

Any kind of log/support you wanted I would be happy to post.

Hello, i just want to resize the Avatars, they are big & blurry :frowning:

@gdpelican :slight_smile:

@PaulinaMX I’d venture that your site has some custom CSS set which is interfering with the styling. Try removing any custom styling to see if that fixes the issue?

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Thank you very much, I already identified the problem, it is this code to enlarge the avatar in the posts.

.topic-avatar {
  width: 70px;
  .avatar {
    width: 70px;
    height: 70px;
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This is a great plugin. I installed it for my forum, and it works great on both PC and phone.

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Definitely a game changer. Our members are already loving it, however is there a way to change the background of the icon? I know this is coming from our theme, but there must be a way to customize it. Thanks!


Hi @calebs, try something like

.babble-sidebar-collapsed {
  background: #some_color;
  &:hover { background: #some_color; }

You may need to !important the colors as well, given that they’re already overrides.


Try this: Matterbabble: Discourse Matterbridge integration

It’s a few more moving pieces, but once you connect Babble to Matterbridge, it can connect to a ton more :slight_smile:

@gdpelican - with our recent updates to the Group code by adding a tracking level, it appears Babble is causing this: Admins can't see a group set to `group owner` only visibility


Hey @gdpelican Any chance you can add a route name for the plugin? If that’s even possible in the first place… :thinking:

That way I could launch it from the Tab Bar plugin which would be great for mobile users