Babble - A Chat Plugin

Consider me more-than-curious.

Using Discourse as our intranet platform, an integrated chat would be awesome. Right now, I am “modding” the dm view/features to mimic something like a chat. Not a bad approach at all, for it gives you a lot of flexibility (chat for groups with several topics, 1:1 chats, many-to-many etc.)

That being said, a “way to simple” chat would be a problem. Is there something like a whitepaper, how it’s inteded to work?


I second this. I consider chat an important part of my community. It would be great to have a sense for the direction. Depending on that, I might decide to invest more time in rocketchat at the moment.


Any news regarding this?

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1+ for an Invitation

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That would be really interesting! Thank you for the great work!

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I’d be glad to test it as well.

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pssst: anyone who liked my post or replied with interest has been invited for testing :tada:

Those not yet invited can request membership here:


Consider me: more-than-impressed.
This is looking gooood, thanks for the invite.
Is there a sound way/place to give feedback/report bugs?