Babble - A Chat Plugin

Consider me more-than-curious.

Using Discourse as our intranet platform, an integrated chat would be awesome. Right now, I am “modding” the dm view/features to mimic something like a chat. Not a bad approach at all, for it gives you a lot of flexibility (chat for groups with several topics, 1:1 chats, many-to-many etc.)

That being said, a “way to simple” chat would be a problem. Is there something like a whitepaper, how it’s inteded to work?


I second this. I consider chat an important part of my community. It would be great to have a sense for the direction. Depending on that, I might decide to invest more time in rocketchat at the moment.


Any news regarding this?

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1+ for an Invitation

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That would be really interesting! Thank you for the great work!

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I’d be glad to test it as well.

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pssst: anyone who liked my post or replied with interest has been invited for testing :tada:

Those not yet invited can request membership here:


Consider me: more-than-impressed.
This is looking gooood, thanks for the invite.
Is there a sound way/place to give feedback/report bugs?


@gdpelican I’ve just upgraded Discourse forum to latest version today.
With Babble plugin enabled —> show empty screen
but if commented out babble plugin in app.yml and rebuild —> forum runs normally

I believe this might a bug or issue with babble plugin. Will you be able to check?


Babble is no longer actively maintained and will almost certainly be problematic with your version of Discourse.

I’d recommend taking a look at this new, official plugin that’s in active development:

We use it and it works very well.