Back button in iOS PWA

I dont need to convince them, ill pay them if I have to. Its worth it for me, whether or not its worth it to you is kind of irrelevant at this point. The point is, it was there and now its gone. So it was one time there. If it was never there we wouldnt be having this. Its like me selling the products on my store and then I up the price later or no longer sell what I was selling. ITs kind of like I bought into it, I loved it and now its gone and I miss it.

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We will add a configurable site setting for this next week, so admins can enable and disable and test whenever PWA support by browser vendros change.


ty @Falco I am forever indebted to you :wink:

do we know if its early next week and will it be in the release notes?

We will have the change deployed to your site by Monday the 29th of October

Here’s a back/forward component I threw together. I used @media to make it appear since ‘Mobile’ doesn’t work for an ipad. This was developed for an app so it has no way to detect iOS PWA. I’d be happy to add it if anyone has ideas.

I found a snippet on this page, but my skills are lacking to implement it.


Can you please share a screenshot of how it looks?

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According to this page, you can detect if a page is running in app mode by checking window.navigator.standalone. Unfortunately, I don’t own an iPhone, so I can’t check. You’ll need to do something different on Android, since they use a CSS-based API instead.

whats the setting under?

Not implemented yet, soonish we will have it done.


This is now configurable using the pwa_display_browser_regex hidden site setting.

@jaihaze it’s already set in your site.


well it doesnt work. If i add it to home screen it then prompts me to login which when I login does nothing but kick me back to safari.

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Oh my, looks like now the PWA and the Safari are using different cookie contexts, so oauth2 login is impossible.


so how do i get passed it?

It looks like PWAs are kinda broken on iOS at the moment, per the bug report filed with Apple above.


Looks like this was fixed in iOS 12.1. Can anyone confirm?


I’m a bit green at this but trying to learn, what would be the rails command to turn this setting on?

the issue is now when you create the bookmark it brings you to the pwa style app, however logging in does nothing and creates a login loop

Ok so just a quick question, since it can’t be done is it safe to say I should go to the plugin marketplace?

The issue needs to be fixed by Apple - what would a plugin solve?