Badge Discussion: Like Ratios + Spending Likes

As are the testing and contributing categories:

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A quick question: Do moderators have unlimited :heart:s?

I’m a moderator and trust level 4 on, and I’ve liked over 1,500 posts in that forum and still haven’t run out of likes. If this is the case, are some badges unreachable?

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There are admin settings that give TL2/TL3/TL4 additional likes per day by a specified factor. It’s not unlimited, but if that factor was really high it’s conceivable that you wouldn’t reach it.

e.g. for TL4:

tl4 additional likes per day multiplier is the name of the setting.


@kk091: Did you like over 1,500 likes in 24 hours, or in total? The like limit is per 24 hours. Also, for the purpose of these badges, the “exceeding like limit” badge is coded to the base like limit, and is not affected by the TL2/3/4 multiplier - otherwise the badge would be “biased” against higher TL users.


I am on the same forum as her and I believe I can answer this.

She liked well over 1,500 posts. I should know, I was one of the people she “spam liked”! :scream::smile:

Anyway, it was all today.

As for the other portion of your post, that’s really interesting! Thanks for sharing!


I liked over 1,500 in around than five hours, which I believe is less than a day :joy:.

And what is normally the base like limit?

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…with a TL4 multiplier of 3 you get 150. Seems you gained a zero somehow, unless staff are exempt?

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They are :dealwithit:


So if they are, it’s impossible to reach some of the badges, correct?

Is there anyway to change this?

No it is not impossible. Please read the topic closely.


As I mentioned above:


Is this a finalized list of the new badges? I just saw this is now live in my community and would love to be able to communicate clearly what’s going on. :slight_smile: Maybe this would even be worthy of an official blog post to explain how badges work all around.

So far very much liking the change - nice job.


Yes that is the finalized list of new badges for 1.5, but with a couple small changes:

  • We renamed My Cup Runneth Over to Higher Love

  • We changed Thank You to only require 20 likes, not 6 likes and a small ratio.

I’ve updated the post to reflect those changes.


Apparently I’m a huge liar because there were a few more changes this morning:

  • Thank You is now “Has 20 liked posts and gave 10 likes”
  • Gives Back is now “Has 100 liked posts and gave 100 likes”
  • Empathetic is now “Has 500 liked posts and gave 1000 likes”

They’re quite similar but easier to understand.

Also we’re considering squeezing in two new badges for first use of a mention and emoji.


Some of these were truly in the wrong category, so as of today:

  • Editor and First Flag were moved to the “Getting Started” badge group
  • Hot Link, Popular Link, Famous Link were moved to the “Posting” badge group

That’s enough badge category shifting for 1.5, we can do more on this later. Also, new badge design is live, so check it out… much better looking.


Hmm, I can’t seem to click on any of the badges to get to a detail page - they all have class='ember-view loading' href='#'.

is this going to be reflected on our sites, or is it a per-side setting?

What are you referring to? It is a bug that the badges were miscategorized in the first place…

yeah, I hear you and agree with you that the badges were miscategorized in the first place. But is it not possible for site admins to customize the categories? The question I am asking is… will the changes you made and describe above just show up on meta or will they change the categories on my site when I next update?