Badge order doesn't make sense

Hey! So I’m not sure if this is intentional, but the order of these badges

Seems weird to me, since the senior tester badge has a higher requirement than tester, but is listed before it.

Just figured I’d ask if this is intentional? Sorry if this thread already exists, and also sorry if it’s in the wrong category!

As an add on to this, this is the default order of badges in the ‘Posting’ category.

Just wondering why the order isn’t the same for all three lines. Surely it would either make sense to have all of the reply badges on one line, then the topic ones on the next, and the link ones after that, OR have the order on each line be reply, topic, linl.
I know this is a minor thing but I just noticed it on a forum I use, and I couldn’t help but wonder why it was set up like that.


They’re grouped by type, then sorted first by quality, subsequently by alpha.

The criteria for each is basically a database query, which makes it nigh-on impossible to sort by criterion beyond the initial gold/silver/bronze.

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Is there not a way to manually choose the order of badges? I really don’t know the ins and outs of it, but it seems like that could be something of use

Looking at community data it’s very uncommon for people to look at badges in this way, hence the current sort order.

Most users encounter badges for the first time when they receive the notification. If they go down the badge rabbit-hole it’s typically to see which ones they don’t yet have, and they’re obvious enough due to the green check mark which appears on the corner of any badge already received.

Associating badges is pretty tricky because of the queries they’re derived from- bronze, silver and gold version of badges bear no real relation to one another. It’s possible this may change in the future, but for now this is how they behave.

You could look into renaming badges to override the alphabetical sort, anything more is going to require code be written.

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