Is there a way to order badges in user cards?

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Since user cards show just a few badges, is there a way to prioritize some badges or some badge groups so that there’s more chances that they surface in the cards?

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They are already ordered by gold, silver, bronze as I recall.


Thank you Jeff.

Maybe they are within a group, but it seems that the badge group order is not taken into account in user cards. For instance, here’s a user card in our test instance:

As you can see, the first badge is “Novice” (French translation of “Basic” in the Trust Level badge group), it’s a Bronze badge. Then I can see the “Admin Guildeur” badge in my custom “Status” group. I ordered this group as the first one.

Or maybe, is it that the “Trust Level” badge is always the first one to be shown in the user card? That would explain what I see.


It does seem that the order is: Trust Level first, then gold badges, then silver, then bronze, sorted alphabetically.

I wish we had better control over this. I would much rather highlight a custom community-oriented bronze badge than Anniversary, which is silver. Is there anything planned to let us give our badges more visibility?


Sorry, that’s not the order, at least the “alphabetically” part. I don’t know how badges within the colors are ordered on the user card.

If you go to the user’s badge page (for example: Profile - codinghorror - Discourse Meta), they are shown Bronze first, then Silver, then Gold (why is it backwards?), and alphabetically within each color. The Trust Level badges are not treated specially here.

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I completely support changing this, @codinghorror any objection to reversing the order, seems reasonable to me.

Better control within user card is certainly something we can think about, but as a feature request this is so rare.


Basically, I’m trying to make the badges I care about most the most visible. There are a number of posts in that amount to, “How can I make Badges more enticing?”, usually by making them more visible.

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As another idea: we already have a page that shows a user’s badges: Profile - nedbat - Discourse Meta. What if we could provide a category in the URL to only display that category of badge? So instead of /u/nedbat/badges (show all of them), we could use /u/nedbat/badges/development to only see the Development badges?

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On the badges page - if you notice - it starts off with the “Getting Started” badges… the first badges one would normally receive. Then it moves on to the “Community” badges, then “Posting” and finally the “Trust Level” badges. That’s a fairly accurate way to list the badges.

While the badges are easily accessible through the hamburger menu, if you want to make them more visible to users, why not have a header or footer banner with the link to that page YourForumURL/badges? If that would be too noisy for all topics, you could always use the link to the page as a signature line in your posts/replies.

But, this is getting slightly off-topic. :slightly_smiling_face:

Done via: